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Dr Gwen Tonyane
Welcome to Dr. Gwen Tonyane's Website

Dr. Gwen Tonyane is a medical doctor who specializes in psychiatry. Psychiatrists are unique physicians trained in brain disorders, psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. Dr Tonyane is a kind and compassionate specialist who is passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy. She hopes her unique combination of medical experience, psychotherapy and judicious use of medication are the steps needed towards improving your emotional wellness.

As a mother, sister and wife, Woman's mental health, advocacy for woman and children's rights are dear to her heart. Men's mental health is often overlooked but it is equally an important health concern to her. Dr. Tonyane fell in love with psychiatry because it is a unique medical specialty that not only focuses on biology but an interplay of mind, body, spirit, culture and other environmental factors.


Dr. Tonyane offers psychiatric and emotional support for patients facing:

Trauma and stressor-related disorders
Personality disorders
Woman's Mental Health including antepartum u0026 post partum depression and PMDD
Schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Aviation Medicine related issues
Mental health is the positive sense of emotional, physical, spiritual and culture wellbeing, which enables us to enjoy life and survive pain.
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How It Helps You Stay Healthy!

When in distress:

how to stray healthy
Remind yourself you can get through this
how to stay healthy
Breakdown action points
how to stay healthy
Remind yourself about actions you can control
how to stay healthy
Ask for help!
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